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Message 6117 - Posted: 4 Aug 2017, 17:10:47 UTC - in response to Message 6093.  

There are two workunit sets right now, ALQFI at low priority and WEUWY.1 (the one that's still listed as unbroken) at normal priority, both from Cryptocellar.

Out of curiosity is there a reason between the priorities? Is there a thought that there is more significance to the WEUWY message over ALQFI or is it just to prioritize the work load?
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Message 6118 - Posted: 4 Aug 2017, 18:35:00 UTC - in response to Message 6117.  

This is just the way the server handles workunits.

When running a single work set which can have one or multiple batches, if the server detects something that needs review (typically happens everytime the top score changes), it will stop work unit generator completely and there will be work outage.

Now if there are more work sets (which basically means more than one message loaded and enabled), the server will fall back to the one with lower priority. If two batches have the same priority, the server alternates between them sharing the resources roughly 50/50.
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Message 6293 - Posted: 17 Aug 2017, 8:39:00 UTC

Hi all,

I have a small correction to make. Originally I said that there is an error in the KLDIO plaintext; i said: "The original “nordostw x” should be “nordostl x”, nordostlich." This is unfortunately wrong as Olaf Ostwald has just pointed out to me.
If it was "nordostlich" it should be written as an 'o' with umlaut, "nordöstlich" or "nordoestlich". It turns out that "nordostw." is correct and that it stands for "nordostwärts", northeastwards in English.

So the correct plaintext is:
quelle striq abteilung ab zwo null null null x
lsi x lsi x klam eins null km nordostw x
nikolajewo x nikolajewo

Regards, Frode
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