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Message 13527 - Posted: 7 Nov 2017, 11:48:43 UTC

Hi All,

Does it make sense to run multiple work units (thinking two on every GPU) on RX series cards for Enigma? I am not even sure it is possible, though; gave it a shot via the app_config.xml copying what is suggested for milkyway etc. but did not see a second WU start on my GPU.
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Message 13581 - Posted: 26 Dec 2017, 23:51:40 UTC - in response to Message 13527.  
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Presuming you have something along the lines of mine, e.g.:


And that you've correctly saved it, using Notepad, as "app_config.xml" (you'll wanna select all file types, as opposed to text, whenever saving, since saving as app_config.xml.txt will look correct displayed as an xml, but can cause issues reading the file) into your Enigma folder.

*** Take note of the line "<name>enigma_cuda</name>" which is required for configuring the CUDA app. You'll also need similar code below this for "<name>enigma_m4_3</name>" to configure that app if you desire to play with settings for that ***

You need to restart Boinc, and then Options >> Read config files

GPU and CPU usage can be modified to whatever you like, but setting too low will likely result in the app ignoring the config file and resuming with defaults, as with most Boinc projects. It also depends on your GPU as to whether this is realistic to even try, and will likely still default back.

Best way is to start slow, and build up after each test until it stops working.
E.g. start with GPU & CPU usage both at 1, see that that works correctly when crunching a WU. Then try 0.5 GPU, leaving CPU at 1... Then GPU to 0.33 and continue dividing down until it stops working and defaults. Then you know the maximum.
I've found no benefit to changing the CPU figure from 1, as it still appears to reserve a whole CPU for each task. However, changing to 0.5 does reduce the CPU usage time to half, so could be beneficial if you want to run something else (games?) in the mean time. On slower processors, this may also slow the task down, so I prefer leaving it to 1. You're unlikely to run GPU tasks while gaming anyway, unless you have more than one GPU and know how to push Boinc to only run on secondary GPUs, while your primary runs a game. Open a new post for that if required.

*** Note that you do this entirely at your own risk. Pushing hardware too far can and will result in failure of components. The project will take no responsibility for damaged cards, and nor can I! ***

I merely answered your question. You may or may not benefit in increased productivity, and this depends entirely on your hardware.
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