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Message 2108 - Posted: 25 Aug 2011, 20:26:35 UTC

Yesterday the server crashed during strong thunderstorm, as a result one of the tables ("workunit") was seriously damaged. I had to restore both "workunit" and "result" tables from backup, so unfortunately some of the workunits/results were lost.

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Message 2109 - Posted: 26 Aug 2011, 8:56:39 UTC

I have 4 machines running the client, all but 1 are using BOINC 6.12. The other is running BOINC 6.10. The 6.12 clients all lost their workunits and backdated work done. Yet the 6.10 client machine kept running fine.

Perhaps there is a problem with the client-server protocols? But I suppose this is a BOINC issue rather than a specific project.

Jessica Gambino
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Message 2117 - Posted: 5 Sep 2011, 21:57:28 UTC - in response to Message 2108.

Hi =) i'm new to this. How do I get to see the screens that show what is going on?

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Message 2118 - Posted: 9 Sep 2011, 1:04:53 UTC - in response to Message 2117.

Hi Jessica Gambino, welcome to Enigma@home!

do you mean in the BOINC manager? I don't think there are any screens. Most projects have them, but I don't think Enigma does. the Enigma server stats can be found here:

There are a lot of very good statistics sites for BOINC. Your page on BOINCstats shows this:

Good luck!


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Message 2129 - Posted: 5 Oct 2011, 6:14:29 UTC


In brief: About 20 years ago, a man murdered more than 30 people, one at a time, in creative and horrific ways. He narrowly escaped arrest, and has never been identified or found. He sent 2 encoded letters about himself to newspapers, and only the first was ever cracked. The second, he claimed, contains information about himself.

The code is written in shapes and symbols, and is 1 page long. That's all we know about it.

Can you do what the American FBI and the police could not?

Let me know.

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Message 2142 - Posted: 30 Oct 2011, 12:42:42 UTC

That would be interesting.
A BOINC project that solves murders lol
But you would need access to that letter wouldn't ya?
But it's a very interesting idea for sure.

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Message 2150 - Posted: 28 Nov 2011, 5:37:52 UTC - in response to Message 2142.

The letter is available--it was printed in newspapers, and I bet I can still get my hands on the copy I saw.

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