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Message 2284 - Posted: 10 Jun 2012, 4:36:39 UTC

This interesting little message just popped up while I was troubleshooting Einstein. Without doing a lot of math it looks like the pc in question will next ask for work sometime around the fall of 2023, far beyond her life expectancy.

Really like this project, was a history major in college, studied a lot of modern European history. And I like knowing that eventually these enigma codes can be brute forced, unlike the count to infinity that so many projects seem to embrace.

I'd like to see it keep going, I'll keep an eye on the forums and server status, and when the time seems right I'll reset. In the meantime I'll lay down some port, looks like 2024 may be a banner year.

Ken Sharp
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Message 2755 - Posted: 7 Dec 2013, 15:01:42 UTC

So did you tell it to update manually?

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Message boards : Bug reports : Communication deferred 100245 hours

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