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Message 2591 - Posted: 28 Jun 2013, 5:43:52 UTC
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I today joined the Enigma@Home project. I had been running Einstein@Home as one of my Projects but they recently made a change which resulted in Tasks that ran excessively long with no way to modulate them. So I jumped ship. This resulted in my having a lot of CPU time on my hands so here I am.

Windows 7 (x64), INTEL i7-2600 3.40GHz, 16GG RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GST450 (320.18)
BOINC 7.0.64 (x64), running SETI, LHC, Test4Theory (runs on an Oracle VBox under Windows) and Enigma.

I do shut my system down nightly so I have tended to be the one who finds problems with shutdown/startup actions.

San Jose, CA
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