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Message 3872 - Posted: 28 Feb 2016, 7:11:13 UTC

Hey everyone, my name is Cesar. I'm (at the time of writing) an eighth grade student just interested in these types of pool-computing projects. I started contributing CPU time to GIMPS in January but found that it was too uninteresting, so I came across BOINC and I'm now working on Enigma@Home. Aside from this, I'm an EDM producer, ukulele player, baseball player, gamer, and video editor. Feel free to send me a PM or shoot me an email at!

PS My timezone is PST/San Francisco; it's something to consider whilst sending a message.

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Message 3873 - Posted: 29 Feb 2016, 6:21:09 UTC

Welcome to BOINC, I hope you find other projects that interest you... This one is probably going to be a short-term project, once the current messages are cracked there isn't anything else on the horizon for Enigma.

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