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Recent changes in account creation
As everyone may have already noticed, the project has been heavily hit by spammers. For the last weeks I've been fighting with up to 10k registrations per day, mostly just empty accounts which were created for unknown reasons (very few of them actually posted anything on forums or created profile/spam team).
I've been looking into possible ways to filter out the spammers right where they start (registration) and after looking at a few of possible solutions, I made a patch for the BOINC server to use StopForumSpam databases. For now, the server does not allow access to registration script from any IP listed in SFS db and it also refuses to create account with email address which is blacklisted there. This immediately filtered out more than 99,9% of new accounts, the rest is reviewed manually and eventually spammers that slipped through registration are reported back to the SFS.

There is also a daemon scriptwhich runs in background, randomly picking account and checking it against the blacklists, all accounts registered with blacklisted email address will be gone sooner or later together with any team and/or profile they have created (the script works very slowly, checking one account every few minutes, as I dont want to stress the SFS API which is a great free service).
The script won't touch anyone who has any credits or even hosts attached, so legitimate accounts should be safe even if someone has their email blacklisted.
24 Aug 2016, 12:44:25 UTC · Comment

Work generator paused
Recently the work generator has been paused because the server needs extended database maintenance (there is a significant amount of workunits stuck in unknown state, which affect performance).
I'm also running data analysis on all the results returned so far, the process eats a lot of resources so probably the work generator will remain stopped until the data analysis is done.
24 Aug 2016, 12:23:43 UTC · Comment

FNYG MXHU broken
Today around 02:30 GMT+2 ThrasherX-17 from team Keep The Fire Alive! returned the plaintext of 76 letters long FNYG MXHU message:


The message says:

Which translates to:

"[To] Control from Submarine Base Wilhelmshaven: Radio message 1224 solved with RHV"

If you'd like to know more about the context of this message, read Dan Girard's explanation
20 Jun 2013, 8:01:37 UTC · Comment

Planned maintenance on April 18th
The company which is hosting part of my server (download mirror, domain and a few other things) announced that my VPS will be moved to another location (datacenter) on 18th of April.
The IP address is going to be changed so I think the server will be unavailable for at least couple of hours, maybe up to a day.

6 Apr 2013, 19:45:41 UTC · Comment

Server maintenance
Tomorrow (04.03.2013) around 08:00 GMT the server will go offline for 12-24 hours.
The reason for this is hardware replacement, the old server barely keeps up running under load and has serious performance issues.
The swap is going to take a while because I need to copy data from both old drives, I hope that 'dd' image will do the trick.

3 Mar 2013, 10:09:18 UTC · Comment

New M4 batch - U-534 P1030680
The work generator will be restarted today, running a new M4 batch on VROL NMKA naval message.
At first there will be only a short test batch to check the server backend, after the tests the server will resume in auto mode with lots of work.

It's also possible that the server will go down for a couple of hours during the next days; as the system hard drive needs to be replaced.

18 Feb 2013, 13:41:18 UTC · Comment

Third naval message broken
The third Enigma message from Stefan Krah´s M4 Project (the last from the Ralph Erskine messages) was broken. See for more details.
13 Feb 2013, 0:06:48 UTC · Comment

No work available
As probably everyone noticed, there is no work available for a long period of time.
Unfortunately it's not going to change soon, because I have to find a replacement server.
The old machine is not reliable anymore, it passes stress tests yet freezes randomly after couple of days (or even weeks sometimes) during normal operation, which is not acceptable.
The worst part however are the HDDs, only two still alive, one is damaged already while the other starts to suffer from old age (was online for over 3,5 years).

In current state the server barely keeps the website up, so any work has to wait until I'll get the new hardware setup, which is going to take a while.

31 May 2012, 22:43:01 UTC · Comment

Updated apps
Yesterday I released new app versions for Linux and Windows.
On Windows, very little was changed, mostly minor fixes around BOINC API code and checkpointing/progress calculations.
Linux version fixes all known/reported wrapper bugs (and hopefully didn't introduce new).

There is also a new platform supported by the server - armv5tel, however the platform-id returned by the client varies on those machines, so if the server says the platform is not supported, you need to submit the platform name (as returned by core client), preferably after veryfiying that the app works.

P.S. I'm looking for someone to build the updated wrapper for Mac.

21 Mar 2012, 12:01:17 UTC · Comment

Server issues
On 24 Dec one of the server's hard drives failed, as a result I had to set up a fresh system so I decided to switch to new OS version as well as the latest BOINC trunk, since the amount of work to do didn't change by much.
It took almost 2 days to get most of the things working again, but there are still some things broken/not working at all. Please report all anomalies, I'm trying to get rid of all bugs/glitches but it will definitely take some time, as the list is still long.
27 Dec 2011, 20:05:26 UTC · Comment

Enigma badges
Few months ago one of the participants proposed a set of graphical badges for the project, since then a couple of designs (which can be viewed here: were made by BOINC@Poland members.
I'm going to implement the badges before the end of this year (or early 2012 in the worst case), next week I'll make a poll which will decide which one of the sets will be used, so there is still some time if anyone else would like to submit another set of icons.

Also I'd be glad to hear opinions on the amount of credits needed for badges, considering the fact that (at least for now) it's a project with with just one app.
21 Dec 2011, 23:17:55 UTC · Comment

Database problems
Yesterday the server crashed during strong thunderstorm, as a result one of the tables ("workunit") was seriously damaged. I had to restore both "workunit" and "result" tables from backup, so unfortunately some of the workunits/results were lost.

25 Aug 2011, 20:26:35 UTC · Comment

Server down - power issues
Today morning the server went down unexpectedly most probably due to power failure. A bit later it was automatically restarted in disabled mode because at least one of the database tables needs to be repaired.
The server will be up again today, however it has to wait a couple of hours because I do not have access at this moment.
13 May 2011, 9:40:58 UTC · Comment

Server downtime
The server is back up after it's longest outage. Unfortunately I had no money to pay the hosting bills so after a while my account got disabled and the server became unreachable.

I also had hardware problems with the local part of the server, as a result minor part of the database was recovered after critical failure, it's not yet entirely fixed so most probably validator will mark some of the results as invalid. Since it's already late night here, I'll fix that tomorrow, together with the WUs marked as timeouts.
It's also possible that I'll be changing the server location, I'll post more info tomorrow.

27 Apr 2011, 23:40:54 UTC · Comment

Windows app updated to 5.26
After a few weeks of testing, I decided to update the Windows application to the latest development version.

V5.26 fixes all bugs related to progress indicator and checkpoint reporting, as well as many other minor glitches. If it doesn't work for some reason on your system, please let me know.

5.26 for Linux is coming soon.
1 Sep 2010, 19:58:52 UTC · Comment

Server down
The server is down since yesterday due to very bad weather conditions and local flood.

Around 17:30 local time the water level was extremely high, no one ever has seen it higher or even close.
As a result there are random and unexpected power outages, so I'll keep the server down for a while to prevent database damage.
31 May 2010, 9:52:10 UTC · Comment

KEJNQ broken
Today at 07:24 GMT Nuller[NDS] from Russia Team returned machine settings which decoded the following plaintext:


Check out the forum thread to read more details.
6 May 2010, 8:38:05 UTC · Comment

Spam attack and profile credits requirement
Due to the large amount of spammers creating profiles with stupid ads, I had to enable server's built-in spam protection - right now it requires the user to have certain minimum of credits to create profile, I've set it to 100. 19 Apr 2010, 12:58:58 UTC · Comment

Server downtime
During this weekend the server will be taken down for O/S upgrade.
The old distro (Debian 4) will be replaced by Debian 5 amd64, since the older version has a limited support and probably slows down the hardware a bit.
It's hard to estimate how long the upgrade process will take, but I'd say that 8-12 hours minimum, because I have to do a complete backup first, so in the worst case I'll be able to rollback everything to the previous state.
9 Mar 2010, 10:25:45 UTC · Comment

Temporarily out of work
The server is out of work, for two reasons: the M4 server is out of work, because the awgly keyspace is finished. Also, I was going to run one of the other known unbroken messages while waiting for Stefan Krah to update the M4 server, but unfortunately during the last few hours one of the BOINC server's hard drives failed. Luckily nothing seems to be damaged except one table which contains unimportant log data, but until I'll fully diagnose and fix the problem, I'm taking all the daemons offline. It's also possible that later today I'll shutdown the server to replace the drive. 16 Nov 2009, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Test workunits
I have released a small number of test workunits to check the server software. Read more in this forum thread. 5 Oct 2009, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Database maintenance
The project server will be shut down tomorrow (26th Feb) around 12:00pm GMT+1 for a quick database optimization, the downtime shouldn't last longer than 2 hours. 25 Feb 2009, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

BOINC 6.6.0 for Mac
BOINC 6.6.0 alpha for Mac is now available at This version fixes wrong file permissions issues with Enigma@Home (and probably any other project which uses copy_file flag). Also, BOINC dev-team could use some more Mac alpha testers, if anyone would like to become an alpha tester, please read here about it: 12 Jan 2009, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Short downtime
Today (11 December) around 1pm GMT+2 the server will be shut down for a short period of time (around 1~2 hours), because one of the databases has to be moved to new hard drive. 11 Dec 2008, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Hardware replacement
I'm going to shutdown one of the servers to replace faulty network card. The BOINC server will stay online, however the work generator will be stopped so it's possible that the server will run out of work. 4 Nov 2008, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

5.19/5.20 Optimized app
If you're running v5.17 optimized app, please update your app_info.xml and all app files to 5.19 (Windows) or 5.20 (Linux). Old version can't handle new task templates so it can't run awgly100 workunits. Forum thread 10 Aug 2008, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Server up
After a long break the project is up, with a lot of workunits to crunch. Please read these forum posts to see what's planned/changed: 501 505 504 20 Jul 2008, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Planned outage
Starting at early February, the project will be out of work for some time, please read this forum thread for more details. 20 Jan 2008, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Happy New Year
I wish you all a happy New Year ! 31 Dec 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Mac Intel/PPC apps
Lars Bausch has compiled both enigma and wrapper for MacOS running on Intel and PowerPC CPUs. There are some minor issues with these apps, but returned results are valid. Please report any problems on message boards. 2 Dec 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Private messages email notifications
There has been a discussion about email notifications, David Anderson stated that it should default to off. I have tweaked the database, it's already set to off by default for all new accounts. I'm going to reset it to off for everyone, so if you want email notifications, go to your forum preferences and switch it back on. 22 Nov 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Server upgrade
I'm going to shutdown the server tomorrow (31.10.2007) at 7:30pm GMT to do a full upgrade to the latest SVN revision. The server will be down for a couple of hours, during this time only forum will be accessible, I'll make a post there with informations about progress. 30 Oct 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

URL Change
The project has changed its url to While the old url will still work, it is suggested (although by no means required) that you detach the project and reattach to, you might also have to log in again on the project's page. Should you experience any problems, please contact us at forum . 14 Oct 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Server maintenance
Today at 6:30pm GMT I'll shutdown the server to do a full backup and database cleanup. The server will be offline for about 2-3 hours, during first 30 minutes website may be offline. 1 Oct 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Experimental linux app
Few days ago I put experimental linux app online. It should work on most modern linux distributions. It uses enigma executable compiled with -march=pentium3, (gcc 3.2), so it may not work on older CPUs, I haven't checked that yet. If you want to try it out, please remember, that you have to chmod +x enigma_0.76_i686-pc-linux-gnu manually (it's inside project's dir) after you attach to project. For some reason, BOINC does not do that automatically. EDIT: I think it's fixed now. 18 Sep 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Alpha test started
At this time, only Windows platform is supported. Linux client coming soon. Server looks stable, but please keep in mind, that it's alpha test and anything can happen. Expect a lot of errors and crashes ;) Check this link for a list of known problems. 9 Sep 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Hello World 24 Aug 2007, 0:00:00 UTC · Comment

Enigma@Home changelog

-Server software upgraded to 14087:

David Anderson wrote:

I added a "user search" feature (html/user/user_search.php).
This is of critical importance for teams - e.g.,
it lets Team Ireland easily see what users from Ireland have
joined your project in the last few days.

This is intended to be linked from your front page.
(see, e.g. the SETI@home home page).

I recommend that all projects upgrade to this code,
and add a link from your home page.

6 Nov 2007, 12:18:59 UTC · Comment

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