Server status page

BOINC Server software version: 25897

Enigma@Home software version: 607

24 Apr 2017, 3:21:42 UTC, updated every 15 minutes.

Server status

data-driven web pagesRisingsonRunning
work generatorRavagerRunning
upload/download serverRavagerRunning
Running: Program is operating normally
Not Running: Program failed or ran out of work
(or the project is down)
Disabled: Program has been disabled by staff
(for debugging/maintenance)

Database/file status

Available workunits:
P1030680 (dictionary set: naval)
# of workunits:91104000
done 55129795
remaining 35974205
in progress 0
Restarts: target/avg/min2000/1210/1179
Server stats
Workunits validated last hour 0
CPU hours/hour1 0
Error rate20%
Result average turnaround time (hours)321.29
Workunit state
Active blocks:4 45299
With no results in progress545299
Server state
Results ready to send60
High priority results70
Results sent last hour0
Results in progress0
Workunits waiting for validation0
Workunits waiting for assimilation0
Workunits waiting for deletion0
Results waiting for deletion0
Transitioner backlog (hours)0
1) - That means the current Enigma@Home speed is equal to 0 Athlon Thunderbirds 1.4GHz. It's average from last 6 hours.
2) - percentage number of results which failed on the client side (server_state = 5, outcome = 3 -> client error)
3) - average time between sending result and receiving it back.
4) - number of active workunits (keyrange blocks) in the master database.
5) - number of active workunits with 0 results in progress. This should stay low, as it indicates work distribution problems
6) - currently workunit generator wakes up when the result ready to send goes below 1k
7) - number of workunits marked for processing on hosts with average turnaround time lower than 3 days.

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