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AriZonaMoon* (" I am a Norwegian. My homeplace is a crowd of small islands out in the ocean.. Like the...")
arctic light ("I'm a web worker living in the south of Germany and a proud member of SETI.Germany and the...")
Algon ("I`m from team Ukraine. Welcome to our site")
ashriel ("Bin seit 2004 dabei, angefangen mit LHC@home. Auf der Suche nach Infos über verteiltes...")
Adam Alexander ("Come join the fun with the Knights Who Say Ni!")
Argus ("Peace, hope, love. Love is most easily accomplished when you have reasonable hope of...")
Alberto Roura ("Hi, I'm Alberto and I've always liked the encryption and everything related. So here I am...")
amazing ("Привет, друзья!! I'm form Korea. I crunching all boinc project as...")
apohawk (" I'm from Poland and I'm a linux sysadmin. My interests and hobbies include aikido,...")

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