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Aiduki ("Me encanta lo siniestro y gotico, los sucesos extra├▒os del mundo.")
andrean ("I like to play music, learn new things, and drink jasmine tea. I wrote a blog engine...")
AgiraStudio ("I'm a Web-Designer / Graphic-Designer from the Russia! ")
Andrew Cook ("Commercial Fisherman from the S.F. bay, Fishing (well duh), flying, and computing")
AyeBeAPirate ("I'm a total nerd I guess")
Akasuki ("HI, I am Akasuki. I am an International student in the US. I love manga,anime, BJD, and...")
Aleksander Fingann Stenberg [AF] [3[8[4]8]6] 84
Avtostrelki ("Age 32, born and raised "Michigan's Armpit", Flint, MI (Genesee County), but consider my...")
Alex DeLarge ("Choice! The boy has not a real choice, has he? Self-interest, the fear of physical pain...")
AI4FR ("Thank you for stopping by to learn a little bit more about me. I got into computers and...")

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