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Bayha Family Power [2nd-wave] ("Was ist die 2nd Wave? Es handelt sich bei den Mitgliedern um eine zweite Welle von...")
BlueCipher ("Computerfritze. Rollenspieler.")
bajabus ("Been running Boin Projects since 2000 starting with the origional SETI@HOME")
Buy Test ("tre")
Bernd Vogler ("Mahlzeit, Mein Name ist Bernd, lebe in Kronach (Oberfranken), bin 1977 geboren und mag...")
buari ("Member of team: Boinc@Poland")
Beyond ("I'm retired and DC is one of my hobbies along with marathon canoe racing and XC skiing. In...")
Blurf ("Tech Support Agent for a Dialup/High-Speed ISP in Upstate NY. Married. Have 2 King...")
Bob ("Paratrooper. LARPer, SCAdian, Brewer, Filker. I wrote an Enigma simulator in Assembly...")

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