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Carlos ("I am a history buff as well as avid ET hunter. I am a member of Seti.USA and proud of our...")
Carles Garcia ("Hola, vaig néixer el 1945 a Girona, del 1957 al 1963 vaig estudiar a la Universitat...")
Crazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun] ("I/m 47, married with 2 sons. I like the outdoors including camping and fishing. I'm...")
Carnal ("Member of 2nd Wave the SETI.Germany alliance for emergency and defense")
Cyph3r (" ")
Coleslaw ("Proud Member of Team [H]ard|OCP and the [H]ard DC Commandos...")
Cebion ("Hello from Germany and ... have a very nice day!")
Clank [MM] ("Crunch, crunch, crunch...need my fix! ")
Crazybob's Son @ SETI.USA ("I am from a suburb of Chicago, IL in the US. I am 26 and a Benefits Administration Analyst....")
Chiorny Oriol ("Hallo, Ich komme aus Deutschland!! Bin Mitglied im Team SETI.Germany Hi, I am...")

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