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Crazybob's Son @ SETI.USA ("I am from a suburb of Chicago, IL in the US. I am 26 and a Benefits Administration Analyst....")
Chiorny Oriol ("Hallo, Ich komme aus Deutschland!! Bin Mitglied im Team SETI.Germany Hi, I am...")
CAPTAIN BOINC ("A member of the Team England (Boinc), using my resources to help make a difference to all...")
Ciechom ("Lubie placki")
cyberpolitik (" from France.")
cblkdog ("Hi, I'm 55, a somewhat hippie photographer who's interested in just about everything.")
CR62 ("My nick-name is CR62 and i am a BOINC-Fan since 2004. I am a proud member of SPEG - a...")
Charles Lovell ("Im a 36 year old Truck Driver. Avid Hunter and Fisherman. Since Im on the road a lot, My...")
Christopher Herr ("Hi everyone, i am a 30+ year business information scientist living near Stuttgart,...")
Christian Bryant ("Thank you for your interest. My name is Christian Bryant, born in Santa Rosa, CA in 1966...")

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