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Chris ("One fish two fish red fish blue fish")
Cristian Videla ("I'm Cristian, I live in Argentina. I wanted to be a part of this project, so...this is an...")
crweaver ("I live in Georgetown, Ca., about 50 miles east of Sacramento. I am 56 years old. I work...")
Celsius ("I am from South Carolina in the US. I am 71 and a retired professor. I have always been...")
cpuid ("Hi, I am from Germany and member of team Seti.Germany")
Craig ("I live outside Boston MA, USA.")
conf [MM] ("Crunching for SETI.USA")
cp ("Hi, I crunch from Wroclaw, Poland. I'm part of BOINC@Poland team")
Chuck ("Airborne Paratrooper, Retired Army, Computer Information Systems Degrees from HPU and UOP.")

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