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Daniele [lombardia] ("Hi. My name is Daniele, born in 1969. I'm from a small town Ceriano Laghetto, near to...")
David ("Hi, I am student of informatics at the university of bremen. I am actually at the run of...")
DAMIEN ("Damien CHEVALIER LOCATION: Lyon (FRANCE) JOB: 3D designer for the BETHESDA...")
df910105 ("Welcome to join us DC Club ")
Dario666 ("I am Dario666 and I caculate only on CPU. I'm not sick :) ")
Duke of Buckingham [Black Sheep] ("For a better world.")
Dickytucks ("Live in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.")
Dennis M. Smythe ("I dig history and read about Enigma and Bletchley Park as a child. No doubt in my mind that...")
Dunuin ("I'm Björn and was born in Hamburg (Germany) in 1986 where I'm currently living. Apart...")

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