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fesstess ("Team Starfire World Boinc ROX")
Frank Boerner ("Ich bin 41 Hahre alt und komme aus dem schönen Nordhessen. Seit Dezember 2005 bin ich...")
Forest and friends ("Forest: Leader a spoluzakladatel tymu Czech National Team. Ve zpracovani mi velice...")
Fivestar Crashtest ("I am a 51 year old postal worker in Iowa. I like astronomy, science fiction and WWII...")
firstomega ("I started to work for distributed computing in 2003, when I payed attention in the...")
FloSoft ("student, 21")
FDB ITALIA S.r.l. ("FDB S.r.l. - Plants and equipments for food industry. The company FDB S.r.l. has been...")
Furchi ("Hi! I´am George, 45 Years old, living in the near of Dresden (Germany) and work as...")
Friedrich S. ("I am a German physicist in the late fourties [1]. I love my wife, son and daughters,...")

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