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Guy Pauwels ("Like all BOINC.BE members, I suffer from a serious infliction called Boincitis. It is...")
Greeri ("the little scratch on the roof of your mouth that would heal if only you could stop...")
Grizz ("I live in Aurora Ontario where I started to crunch the numbers with the original SETI....")
Greenways Court
Greg* ("Arf. NĂ© en 1969, 3 enfants et un peu Geek sur les bords. Technicien informatique dans la...")
Graeme of Boinc UK ("Located in the North-East of England. An active member of Boinc UK (formerly SetiUK, Team...")
GalaxyIce ("mostly harmless...")
grmbl ("Ich bin damals zu Zeiten von SETI@home Classic auf network computing aufmerksam geworden....")
gregk@seti.usa ("Be sure to visit and join our community! You'll find team news and team...")
Grey Shadow ("I'm an Aussie! Trublue dinkydi mate. I BOINC because I can.")

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