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gui78120 ("a")
Gandalf_the_Grey ("From: Middle Earth Age: 6/27/1948 Occupation: Retired Engineer, Active Wizard Hobbies:...")
Gianni.Pastorino.Iz1dfi ("“Due cose sono infinite: l’universo e la stupidità umana, ma riguardo l’universo ho...")
Goliat6 ("Engineering as life style. What else?")
gladiator_maximus ("Слава Украине!")
Gibson Praise ("Been around IT for decades, now retired. Hobbies: computers should not be surprising,...")
GoffUK ("I'm a 61 year-old professional Electrical Engineer in Oxfordshire, UK. I'm provided with a...")
GT85 ("Thirty-something number cruncher using mainly Apple computers. I'm fascinated by the power...")
Gene ("I am from India.I am 23 years old.I am a Science student.My hobbies are Watching Night Sky...")

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