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Jeff17 ("I work in information technology. My primary interest is in the mathematical projects, but...")
JuridicumStockholm ("From in the law-area. Not a ww2-buff but got some interest.....hence my...")
JerzyC ("Punkty dla Bionic@Polska polecam. Pozdrawiam z Legnicy POLSKA")
janosch13 ("Hi bin 35 Jahre alt (besser jung) und arbeite als Ingenieur für Automatisierungstechnik in...")
Jim Plummer ("Retired Commercial Diver amateur...")
JerWA ("[img][/img]")
Jerry ("Hi! I'm from the Czech republic and I'm in Czech National Team (CNT). I'm interested in...")
Jensen Family ("Financial planner from Waterloo, Ontario CANADA.")
Jon Dann ("^)^")
JaRa ("Pozdro z Nowej Soli")

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