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JU52 ("Master of Mathematics, senior software developer, member of CrypTool2 ... Cool to crack...")
jab_au ("Was always interested as a kid in technology, now I work in corporate IT. Website: Web...")
Jonathan Jeckell ("I am a regenerated U.S. Army officer with interests in science and technology (particularly...")
jon b. ("I believe that computers have the power to change the world in a positive way if applied to...")
James Kress ("I'm just Jim, a simple painter in rochester NY.")
jcuervo ("")
Jeff ("From Holland Michigan, US. We're all here to help one another, so get busy.")
Jochen Jansen ("Hi! I'm from the very west of Germany, and a fan of open-source ever since. So I like the...")
Jeff9228 ("Jeff, 39, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, USA. Amateur Radio, Morse Code.")
James P. Carter ("35, Live in Arizona, tinkerer...")

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