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Jeff Jenkins ("Welsh, living in Hampshire UK, fascinated by science and maths and computing, studied...")
Jose Luiz Oliveto ("I'm a MD (Physician and occupational Health); interested in Wreck Diving and all about...")
JLSchro* (" Crunching, sailing, fix my computers when I neglect their needs....")
Jacques ("I'm a 19 year old male from the united states, I'm a pretty big trekkie. I like computers...")
John Barr ("John Barr: Married 3.5 times. If they're no good ping 'em off. 15 years in the Australian...")
Josh ("31 years old, addicted in english sports cars, TCO in a company which develops medical...")
JayPi ("Besides hiking and skiing in the Alps I am traveling around the world. Now I have visited...")
Jj3 (" Bienvenido a CANAL@Boinc, el primer equipo de boinc hispano. Toda la ayuda que...")
Jaxis ("Great Falls,")

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