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Jj3 (" Bienvenido a CANAL@Boinc, el primer equipo de boinc hispano. Toda la ayuda que...")
Jaxis ("Great Falls,")
JDeveso ("Hey What's Up Everyone? I'm JDeveso, everyone calls me JD. I am a single Dad raising...")
Jhonatan Silva* ("uh")
Jose [Team Musketeers] ("Hi, I'm a musketeer Argentine, we put our computers to help science and those who need...")
james ying ("FAMILY MAN,BUSINESS MAN the final goal --- IN THE 10 OF TOP USING THE MAXIMUM...")
Jayson ("For some, writing is a passion. For others, writing is an obsession. For many, writing is...")
Jacob ("Hi I'm Jacob my friends call me Jake. I like working with computers. I am 15 and I live in...")
Juergen Hagn ("Geboren wurde ich am 15.01.1963 in Weiden/OPf, Deutschland und habe mich schon sehr früh...")
Jack75 [VENETO] ("Sono un ragazzo italiano amante della tecnologia e della ricerca condivisa.")

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