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jsole ("Freedom for Catalonia. Catalonia is not Spain. We want to vote.")
JohnRB ("Your ordinary 30 something year old techy. I.T. Consultant and 15 other titles I can list...")
JNicklaw ("I'm a old curmudgeon from the 40's era who enjoys hiking, computers, DX radio, and living...")
jorgen ("Hello, My name is Jorgen. I live in the Netherlands. I built my Enigma E years ago. See...")
JonPrints ("Hi, I'm Jon - vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, all around creativity junkie. Hear what I...")
Jakub Sad ("IT guy")
JOEL ("Bonjour à toutes et tous...")
jay ("A retired electrical engineer. Never too late to learn something...")
JSXRED ("Disassembling. Improve. Evolve. I try to help push humanity forward. Crunching, creating...")
jerbialdo (" Jerbialdo é: Blogueiro, Escritor, Poeta Divulgador Científico e...")

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