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kret.. ("Well, let's see.. ;) I'm 25 years old, live in Poland, and recently finished university :)...")
kim-b-h ("I am a taxiowner , livingen in Aarhus, the 2. largest city in Denmark.")
KWSN Sir CADCAM ("South of Nunavuut")
Kowal ("Hi there... My name is Daniel. I was born in 1984. I'm from Poland, and I live in...")
Kokomiko ("Hello, I'm from Hannover (Germany), the EXPO-City of 2000. I was born in 1955, married,...")
kevint (". ")
Kinguni ("Hi!")
KWSN - Sir Brian - err sorry - wrong film! ("So I prefer The Life of Brian to The Holy Grail, it doesn't mean I can't be a...")
Kalessin ("") ("About me: I am working for a company that sells network equipment, especialy computer...")

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