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miszol ("I live in Poznan, Poland. I am a member of best Polish team - BOINC@POLAND. I study...")
Markken ("De [u][b][url=]L'Alliance Francophone[/url][/b][/u] et fier de...")
Morgan the Gold ("Hey [IMG][/IMG] another...")
meshmar ("Just another disabled Vietnam era veteran with time on his hands.")
melter65 ("42yr old Male, Married with one Daughter, interests include Real Ale, History and...")
Michele ANSALDI ("23/03/2004 Me and my daughter Alicia in front of our house in Holguìn (Cuba) I am born...")
Mahray ("Teaching out in Australia's outback Queensland, proud to be an Aussie and even prouder to...")
modesti ("Why should I tell you anything about my age, my living, my work? It’s permanently...")
Merlyn [The Scottish Boinc Team] ("!!!!")
m4rtyn ("...")

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