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Markattack ("Usuario de TitanesDC Soy un chico que estudió Ingenierí­a informática técnica,...")
mdoerner ("Well, I've always been a WW2 history nut. Like many of you, I have a small (codeword for...")
merlinl ("Hello world!")
mrafal ("My name is Rafał. I live in Wrocław, Poland. I'm 25 years old. I've joined the best...")
Misfit (""No good deed goes unpunished!"™ ")
Michael Kammer ("K7KAM General Geek and Gadget Nut Currently a Software Test Engineer at T-Mobile")
Mumps [MM] ("I'm relatively new at DC, only BOINC'ing since Feb, 2008, but having a lot of fun. Been...")
MuMuQ ("I'm a 20 years old student of computer science from Dortmund, Germany.")

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