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moisesmcardona ("I'm from Puerto Rico. I like to edit videos and for years I have been addicted to BOINC...")
Michael McMahon ("I live in the northern outskirts of the Atlanta Suburbs, where I am a non-traditional...")
Matthias Breimann ("Name: Matthias Breimann Wohnort: Österreich Geburtsjahr: 1991 Hobby: Astronomie,...")
MarkRBright ("Just another ageing techie")
mickydl* ("")
MillliWillli ("MillliWillli")
Mankka* (" * Shining Knight for Loving Defence - With the on the right Dot. ")
m0hamed ("a Designer, Coder, Artist, Explorer, Geek, Photographer, Adventurer, Traveler, and sailor...") ("Czechoslovak SF and F, web games, translating")

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