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oldjerryANO2011 ("Důchodce, 78 let, bydlím v malém městě na českém severu. Věnuji se kromě...")
olsen_gg ("O.K., ich lebe in Stralsund (Deutschland). Mit Computern habe ich eher nebenberuflich zu...")
Opolis ("Mechanical Engineer from California, USA. I love computers, cars, music, sports, and...")
Odr ("Westcountry volk. I like tinkering with all kinds of stuff.")
odb ("I'm a passionate 24 year old gamer, graphic designer, and web developer. I enjoy exploring...")
Oystervalet ("Undemonstrative.")
Oliver ("Software Information Technologist")
OlddanIT ("Proud member of EVGA's crunching team, 45 years old, Italian, owners of 3 crappy PCs.")

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