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philip-in-hongkong ("A computer user starting from the Apple II age, I've participated in distributed computing...")
plonk420 ("i like music, music videos, video games, board games, computer games, computers, computer...")
philippe76 ("Je suis Philippe, j'habite en France. Vive le calcul partagé")
pierre.mirmont ("I leave in Chamonix (France 74400) and I work as a military in the French Air Force in...")
pathfinder ("Hej.. jeg hedder thomas er 36 år og har en lidenskab for det ukendte og uforklarlige...")
Pawn-D8-? ("Born 1951 jun 22 at N69°05'33"E16°47'27" My profession is mechanical engineering I am...")
Plomos ("I'm a college student who is also a computer nerd. I am also somewhat of a history buff,...")
patyczak ("Hi! My name is Michal. I'm 34 and I live in Wroclaw the most beautiful and historical...")

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