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planetclown ("I enjoy following trends in sciences and technology, and the ways in which they can be...")
PDH ("Hi there..My name is Przemek, born in 1985. I'm a member of Boinc@Poland team. ")
Patriote1837 ("I'm from Montreal, Canada. I like fishing, hunting and the outdoors. Am I a geek? No,...")
PinQuin ("Member of SETI.Germany ")
Paul Mullins ("hi, my name is Paul Mullins, Iv been living in a small quite town most of my life except...")
pons66 ("Hi there, I am a chemist and I live in Stuttgart. Professionally I am working as a...")
Payam Aminian Dehkordi ("I was born in 1988, Iran, Esfahan. I like UFO, cars and aircraft.")
Philip ("Just a cruncher from down under")
pawzdy ("Hi, I live in Silesia in Poland, I'm 40+ years old and I work for GM. I like all kinds of...")

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