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Rob ("Nuclear Engineer Search and Rescue Volunteer")
Rino [Sicily] ("Hi, my name is Rino and I started crunching more then 10 yeays ago. I have 5 commercial...")
Rene Paradis ("I love Rock and Roll !!")
Recon ("Vivid computer user, not much to say about it.")
Restaurant London Belgravia ("Cafe Nouf is a lebanese restaurant in London, we have I have my computer switched on all...")
Radegast ("Proud member of BOINC@Poland Team. Currently crunching at Gdansk, Poland. ")
Raubhautz* ("I'm a computer hobbyist who has been tinkering with computers since a ROP program in high...")
rkfz84 ("I'm from Russia Bryansk city Zlynka. I am 28 years old I work for Computer Support.I love...")
Ranieri Meloni
Rodrigo Silva ("Computer geek, professional developer and proud linux user, passionate about science,...")

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