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skildude ("I was born in 1965 and am currently living in Texas. I moved from Wisconsin about a while...")
Stefan ("Hi, my name is Stefan and since May 2003 I`m team member of SETI.Germany: ...")
sinj ("* * * * * BOINC UK * * * * * Looking for a Team? Well, we are the Team to be in...") (" : Team : Scotland Hi I live in Scotland and am the owner and...")
SirScuba ("Hello, I am a scuba instructor in Dallas, Tx. in my spare time.") ("Hi all, I'm fun of SETI@home from its beginning in 2000 moved over other BOINC projects...")
Sandrik ("Hallo mein Name ist Sandrik, ich bin 34 Jahre alt und lebe in Wetzlar / Hessen /...")
scottLobster ("Currently a Computer Engineering major at the University of Delaware.")
Steve_Martin@SETI.USA ("No more Time Zones No more Daylight Savings One World, One Time UTC UTC UTC UTC")
sitnik ("Hi! My name is Sylwek and I'm from Poland.")

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