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sarged@seti.usa (" Join SETI.USA, the #1 BOINC team! Visit our mini city!")
Sir Cracked of the mind ("I'm here now!!!!")
stasieks ("Peter - 29 years old self-employed economist, living in Poznan, Poland I crunch on my...")
shiv ("I am from poland, from gdansk. im 17 yrs old. my hobby is U-Boats, Parkour, Computers")
Slicker ("Looking for a team? Check out SETI.USA! Not looking for a team? Come visit our site anyway...")
Solarwinds ("Be sure to visit and join our community! You'll find team news and team...")
SKB@P ("SKB@P, also known as Super Computer BOINC@Poland, is a powerful crunching unit funded by...")
schensi ("Hallo , ich bin 46 Jahre alt und arbeite als Telekommunikationstechniker . Seit Januar 2009...")
SG-Booster ("Hardware auf dem Gnadenhof Der SG-Booster besteht aus Hardware-Spenden der Mitglieder...")
Sysadm@Nbg ("cogito ergo sum sagt mein Computer, und damit er was zu denken hat crunche ich - a...")

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