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sleepwalker ("Nice person from Bulgaria, creative musician and employed in the sphere of music marketing...")
Skywalker@Athens (""Using computers to crack the German Enigma code from WWII is like shooting a fly with a...")
Screaming97135Eagle ("I live in Brisbane Australia. I have been crunching projects since June 2011 but my...")
Sphynx ("I've been a member of SETI.USA since 2010. We are an International Team of like minded...")
Skywalker TSBT ("The Mad Hatter of Crunching!! The Force is strong with this one!! Go TSBT!!")
Suso ("Militar, de Galicia (España) 24 años, me gusta leer, la historia (sobre todo militar), el...")
Sven Bistram
stiven ("")
siifred ("Fred from Lancaster, CA. Over 50 yr old student finishing my degree at AVC (Computer...")
Steve Hawker* ("I've been crunching since 2012 and the more I do, the more I like it. I try to crunch...")

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