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StuAdmin ("Hi! ")
sEpuLchEr[] ("Avid supporter of Gridcoin, a Crypto-Currency that rewards you for BOINC contribution....")
Skivelitis2 ("...")
ShmoogleOsukami[Gridcoin] ("I began using BOINC in 2011 creating Galaxy maps with SkynetPOGS. After a while I stopped...")
spectrun ("I love: Astronomy History Science Aviation")
SG ("I love to write, read, code, paint and game. I take interests in everything and especially...")
Shane Thans ("I am the proverbial " Jack Of All Trades", Carpentry, Painting, Retaining Walls, Etc. I...")
slownik lekow ("Good news everyone! I have joined this project because it's very important to me. Students...")
Sbober ("Hello, i'm from Russia and i believe that science will help humanity! Let's be friends!...")

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