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UBT - mickyb69 ("Join the UK BOINC Team: Hello there im...")
UBT - Nogbo ("Hi, My name is Martin, I live in Merseyside in the UK and I am a member of The UK BOINC...")
Uli2* ("")
UBT - Terry ("Hi I'm a Boinc addict and crunch 24/7 on quite a few projects and i'm a proud member of the...")
umnik ("umnik")
uli ("Hi, I am Uli and grew up in Germany. I currently reside in California. When Seti started to...")
usmiv4o ("al is included in my profile in Facebook and more in OkCupid but im from Bulgaria 28...")
UncleGregy ("Cambridge, Wisconsin, USA Crunching numbers to expand our knowledge of our world and the...")
Usuario ("algo que aprender, la propia vida es un enigma, lo que ahí fuera buscamos esta también...")

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