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Last updated 23 Jun 2020, 5:22:05 UTC

veebee ("Just an average 40 something Aussie. Father of 3 great kids, and 5 cool Basset Hounds....")
Vamp ("I am currently working on my team totals for Boinc@Australia. I have to say the best team...")
VOYAGER-IREK RAMZA ("GPU - the new vision of power for Boinc")
Viking69 ("I don't recollect. But I will be older in August, the number is something I don't want to...")
Vachon ("Free-lance professional from Prague, a sports addict and inquisitive mind.")
Vit Kliber ("I am cruncher from Czech National Team I manage...")
virtualbob ("Wieloletni Moderator Forum oraz Redaktor internetowego Portalu")
Valentin Kolinko
Vega ("Hi, I'm Vega from Poland (Boinc@Poland Team) Join us at ...")

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