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Last updated 20 Oct 2018, 20:46:04 UTC

Dingo ("I was a Beta tester for BOINC and founder of team BOINC@AUSTRALIA...")
Mahray ("Teaching out in Australia's outback Queensland, proud to be an Aussie and even prouder to...")
veebee ("Just an average 40 something Aussie. Father of 3 great kids, and 5 cool Basset Hounds....")
Vamp ("I am currently working on my team totals for Boinc@Australia. I have to say the best team...")
russkris ("Team Ninja - Where DC is FUN!!!!!!! And...")
purplemkayel ("One Australian, needs help... three cats, house is choking on fur balls, we've lost...")
blackheeler ("BOINCing on the west coast of Australia!")
Grey Shadow ("I'm an Aussie! Trublue dinkydi mate. I BOINC because I can.")
rebel9 ("BOINC enthusiast. Programmer.")
bajabus ("Been running Boin Projects since 2000 starting with the origional SETI@HOME")

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