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merlinl ("Hello world!")
ledled ("Hi all, My name is ledled, I'm a member of Team China in Enigma@Home, I like this team. ")
marshall_NP ("from :中国,广东,深圳 age :23岁 occupation:网络工程师 hobbies...")
DrLingCN ("Much to learn you still have. -- Master Yoda")
james ying ("FAMILY MAN,BUSINESS MAN the final goal --- IN THE 10 OF TOP USING THE MAXIMUM...")
ryan jiang ("i am from china a normal person like computer")
Administrator ("Member of Team China 欢迎来自世界各地的中国同胞,让我们加油吧! ...")
horst1981 ("Hello,I am from Guangdong Province of China. I have some PC running all day for BOINC and...")
Windboy ("#include #include using namespace std; int main() { printf("Hello...")

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