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UBT - bobuk ("Welcome to the profile of: UBT - bobuk an active participant with the UK BOINC Team. See...")
ANCHULA-MARK ("A member of the UK Boinc Team supporting Enigma@home. Apart from computing my interests...")
UBT - Mikeejones ("Member of The UKBOINC team... Join us here Visit the UK BOINC Team forum:...")
Julian Ellis ("Hi there fellow boincers I was born in 1969 and I come from Liverpool, England. I started...")
UBT - The Prof.... ("HI there! I am a train driver from the English midlands, who runs a crunching project for...")
Greenways Court
melter65 ("42yr old Male, Married with one Daughter, interests include Real Ale, History and...")
Bird-Dog ("")
Merlyn [The Scottish Boinc Team] ("!!!!")
sinj ("* * * * * BOINC UK * * * * * Looking for a Team? Well, we are the Team to be in...")

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