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Retired female truck driver in East Tennessee USA. I enjoy volunteering my computer's spare time help projects with their research. With so many great...
Project total CPU time equivalent to: 9399 years, 226 days, 21 hours of Athlon 3500+ running stock app.

Best scores for active workunits/batches:

m4_vroln72_1: score: 1908411  settings: B:CG:NRBP:G127:ABCGDZEXFHJQLRMTNVPYSU
rieboooergqjmkeinulgmoegnesachleiubengeaetunenfensseitendrengonifekmysyn found by Condor

m4_vroln72_3: score: 1475051  settings: C:EK:RRXJ:B256:BSCODUEGHVIPLRMQNT
thfwzzleninuuefftttbpndiachesellteinbfnsnahertxeauuuuuuuurxxspfeitrnleit found by Pierre Berridge-Wade

m4_vroln72_4: score: 1480101  settings: B:QI:HXOM:G516:ALBMCHDEFQGJIKOZPURXSYTV
vkeinaljortfuettttttxlsjfkchnusseleisfeinsexabtneikkveinstarieschsuedurg found by Dogg


FNYG MXHU broken
Today around 02:30 GMT+2 ThrasherX-17 from team Keep The Fire Alive! returned the plaintext of 76 letters long FNYG MXHU message:


The message says:

Which translates to:

"[To] Control from Submarine Base Wilhelmshaven: Radio message 1224 solved with RHV"

If you'd like to know more about the context of this message, read Dan Girard's explanation
20 Jun 2013, 8:01:37 UTC · Comment

Planned maintenance on April 18th
The company which is hosting part of my server (download mirror, domain and a few other things) announced that my VPS will be moved to another location (datacenter) on 18th of April.
The IP address is going to be changed so I think the server will be unavailable for at least couple of hours, maybe up to a day.

6 Apr 2013, 19:45:41 UTC · Comment

Server maintenance
Tomorrow (04.03.2013) around 08:00 GMT the server will go offline for 12-24 hours.
The reason for this is hardware replacement, the old server barely keeps up running under load and has serious performance issues.
The swap is going to take a while because I need to copy data from both old drives, I hope that 'dd' image will do the trick.

3 Mar 2013, 10:09:18 UTC · Comment

New M4 batch - U-534 P1030680
The work generator will be restarted today, running a new M4 batch on VROL NMKA naval message.
At first there will be only a short test batch to check the server backend, after the tests the server will resume in auto mode with lots of work.

It's also possible that the server will go down for a couple of hours during the next days; as the system hard drive needs to be replaced.

18 Feb 2013, 13:41:18 UTC · Comment

Third naval message broken
The third Enigma message from Stefan Krah´s M4 Project (the last from the Ralph Erskine messages) was broken. See http://enigma.hoerenberg.com/ for more details.
13 Feb 2013, 0:06:48 UTC · Comment

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